Government Of Kerala
Department Of Electrical Inspectorate

Meter Testing & Standards Laboratory
Engineering College P.O., Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Pin: 691016

Calibration & Testing Facilities available at 
Meter Testing & Standards Laboratory

  • Traceable Calibration of calibrators using Multi function Transfer Standards
    Equipments used: Multi Function Transfer Standard, Model 4950, Wavetek, U.S.A.
    Accuracy: Better than 5ppm for DC Voltages, 30 to 70 ppm for AC Voltages, 10 ppm 
    for DC Current, 20 to 50 ppm for AC Current and 8 to 20 ppm for Resistance.

  • Calibration of AC/DC Ammeters, Voltmeters, Watt Meters, Frequency Meters, 
    Capacitance Meters, Insulation Testers, Multi Meters, Ohmmeters, Clamp Meters 
    etc. of Analog and Digital type.
    Equipment used: Multi function multi product universal calibration system, 
    Model 9100, Wavetek, USA.
    Accuracy: Better than 0.005% for DC Voltage, 0.030% for AC Voltage, 
    0.020% for DC Current, 0.050% for AC Current, 0.010% for Resistance, 
    0.2% for Capacitance and 0.0025 % for frequency.

  • Calibration of Energy meters, Single phase and Poly phase of electromechanical 
    and static types.
    Equipment used: Portable Three Phase Standard Meter, Model, Model SM 3050, 
    Schlumberger, France.
    Accuracy: Better than 0.07% Active Power, 0.15% for Reactive Power, 0.01 for 
    Power Factor, 0.01 Hz for frequency 0.2% for Voltage, 0.2% for current and 3oC 
    for Temperature.

  • Harmonics Measurements up to 50th harmonics in electrical systems at all voltage 
    levels with data logging facility.
    Equipment used: Power analyzer, Model Movowatt 45, Gossen Metrawatt Camillebaur,

  • Relay testing
    All types of Electromechanical and static type relays can be tested either by 
    secondary injection or by primary injection.

  • Transformer Oil Testing
    Break down voltage, Tan delta, Resistively and Moisture content are tested.

  • Testing of AAA Standard conductors as per IS 398 (Part 4) : 1994.

  • Testing of PVC insulated cables for working voltages up to and including 
    1100 volts as per IS 694 : 1990.

  • Testing of Watt Hour Meter (Energy Meters) as per IS 13010 : 1990.

  • Calibration of CT/PT unit up to and including 11 KV.

  • Calibration of LT and HT Current Transformers using Eltel CT/PT Test unit.

  • High Voltage Tests (AC/DC) up to 70 KV.

    For details contact
    Deputy Electrical Inspector
    Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory
    Engineering College P.O.
    Thiruvananthapuram - 691 016., Kerala.

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